1. cooperanimation

    Don’t….. actually…. touch the black woman!

    • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

      As long as he doesn’t touch her hair, he’ll be OK. If he touches her hair, he’s as good as dead.

  2. TomBrady

    Dosn’t thou hath the lens pointing verily in the wrong direction, Muppet Woman?

  3. Cam

    Didn’t Rihanna change her hair?

  4. “I am not looking at a picture of your dick again, Black Odin.”

  5. D-chi

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but for a moment I wanted to be her.

  6. UncleDenial

    First Heimdal, now Volstagg.

  7. Stanley Lieber

    “Aye. Once thy goes black, thy never goes back. Verily.”

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