1. Ollie

    Grammar fail on pic 14 – “it’s” means “it is”.

  2. CranAppleSnapple

    Ahhh. I think I have pulled a muscle in my side. Poor Thor.

  3. TheLando

    Movies should make hot guys grow long hair more often.

  4. luciddreamer99

    “I got the hammer at Toys R Us and the costume at Walmart. Why doth thou ask?”

  5. D-chi

    Too much sexyfine for one photo.

  6. SMB

    …this is where it got funny.

  7. Stanley Lieber

    Hemswoth-”It’s true, mate!! We’re all descended from convicts!”

    RDJ-”Holy crap! So, like, 15 years ago, if it was 1800 & 60 or something and England, I would have gotten shipped out to down under. Too cool, man!”

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