1. Ruckus


  2. Venom

    This is Skarsgard….I mean Asgard

  3. Dave Mustaine

    Is Dog making a “citizens arrest?”

  4. If you say, “Hammertime” one more fuckin’ time, your dead!

  5. D-chi

    LOKIIIIIIII~! Oh my gosh, Tom Hiddleston, yes. Yes, please.

  6. Meh

    “Back off! All I’ve had to eat today is a salad. A FUCKING SALAD!!!”

  7. Uncle Denial

    “Worst Shakespeare in the park. EVER!”

  8. Stanley Lieber

    “Yeah, thought so, Thor! You got some crap caught in between your teeth from eating that sushi. I got some floss back on Asgard.”

  9. mbcl

    “Say hello to my little friend !”

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