1. TomFrank

    “Um, I was told that Hawkeye was the Avenger cut-up, but I don’t have any funny lines! Also, when do I get all maudlin and yell about ‘this damn war’?”

  2. “So help me God, I’m going to slap the stupid right off your faces!!”

  3. Spoogebob Nopants

    Look, Up in the Sky! It’s two morons and a slutbag dressed in absurd shiny costumes. Hollywood is dead!! Talentless hacks crank out yet another comic con hyped monstrosity for the brain dead masses. Anyone who goes to see this fiasco does not deserve to eat or breathe oygen.

  4. Crunchers32

    I have to think that Renner and Evans will fill out their respective suits with CGI enhancements.

  5. ernkaiju

    @crunchers32 – And maybe they’ll fix Chris Evans’ facial expressions too.

  6. fiona

    is she gonna bitch slap the retard in the helmet or the Eurotrash Lord of the Rings dominatrix?

  7. j/k

    Comic-Con was in Jersey this year?

  8. DeucePickle

    I actually liked The Incredible Hulk more than Captain America.
    I would have liked Thor a lot more if the movie would have set more in Asgard instead of having to watch a damn love story in New Mexico where Thor has no powers.

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