1. jimbeam

    I”m disappointed, no reall winner here, #2 is the best. I don’t see any knockouts, just photoshop & ppl trying to get in due to their implants. Who chose these contestants? I don’t like to talk badly about people but the girl above is total butterface and is wearing glasses to hide it.

  2. boots

    this one hurts my eyes. anything but this plastic crap. urk.

  3. buttfuck

    Jillian is a retarded midget.

  4. like2bcold

    this bitches face is fuct…if she didnt show her body she wouldnt even have gotten this far

  5. dude

    Well looks like after i left work yesterday there was a big push for Erin. I see IDontLikeYouInThatWay dotcom linked to this competition and said to vote for Erin. Whatever. Clearly it’s more fags and fugs who come here than hot blooded men. So good for you, you put the plain jane over the top instead of this girl. I can now decide if i wana visit this site and IDLYITW–or not–for the 7 days that Erin is the banner girl. What disgusts me is the ridic ammount of vitriol from those who wanted Erin to win. You people have serious jeslousy issues. Guaran-fucking-tee NONE of you have anything going for you. This chick has beautiful everything, isn’t covered in trashy tattoos, and had the sense of humor to submit a pic at all. Your reaction was to burn her at the steak. Only three people had anything good to say about her and basically had to outcheer your jealousy. But ok plane Jane wins. Enjoy your seven days of ho-hum. At least i look in the mirror and know im not only hot but nice.

    • dude

      p.s. and btw Jillian if you’re NOT crosseyed under those glasses, please do consider being a Victoria’s Secret model, because i wana see you round some more! :DDD

  6. wow

    Regardless of whether or not this is a picture of a real woman, not a photo shop Frankenstein. It would be the most awkward change for a banner girl, considering its not a profile picture, and her face/hair/glasses are the ugliest part of the photo and lastly I would HATE to have to see this over edited phony’s body every time I log on

  7. Christy

    those sunglasses do not flatter her face. that’s what bothers me the most about this photo.

  8. spftw

    Hey if Erin wins we get to see tits right? There will be a photoshoot right!?!?!!?

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