1. rodger

    The Jillian pic should be cropped so it’s just her face. She’ll get a bunch of votes just for the body, but here face? Good from afar, far from a good.

    • brittani

      Hahahahahah, I’ve never heard that before… thats funny :)

      but ya agreed, nice body… face… not so much

      but out of all the pictures she has the best “superficial” look

    • Cindy

      Ugh, girls these days, why dont you just find a guy who thinks your beautiful without 10lbs of makeup on and that ARENT horny out to get ass ONLINE college guys, or perverted old guys…get a life and quit spending all your time bleaching your hair, fakebaking and spending 3 hours to get ready..jeez.

      I think i can smell her nasty tuna through the screen

    • cami

      Agreed! She’s not pretty, girl like that is a dime a dozen in Long Island.

  2. a

    The shadow on the left clearly demonstrates obnoxious photoshop. Seriously stop voting for this.

  3. ?

    Cross eyed! Move along…

  4. Mancomb Seepgood

    Something about mint green underwear.

  5. dude

    jillian–i loveeeee youuuuuuuu!! i want to marryyyyy youuuuuu!!!!!!! lol jk i just worship you, you couldn’t be more perfect

  6. Blegh

    Jillian is herpes incarnate. People are only voting for her because she looks like a prostitute.

  7. tribalbob

    Her hairline is a fucking disaster.
    Travolta or Nicholas Cage have a better hairline than this chick.

    Reminds me of :

    • Bianca

      HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! That made me laugh hysterically. Seriously though, this bitch is ugly. She has cheap hair extensions. Like the ones you get in a convenient store on MLK Blvd. I’m convinced this is Brooke Hogan’s face photoshopped onto someone else’s body.

  8. Bryce

    It’s pretty shitty that the one who didn’t follow the rules is going to win. Just wait until you see that profile on the home page. Ugh. There’s a reason she didn’t submit a profile photo….

  9. Bryce

    I’m not saying she isn’t hot…but when we finally see her profile it’s not going to be all we hoped for. They will have to change the banner photo to a frontal photo…

  10. waffle

    Stop voting for this one… It’s horribly shopped and her nose is just freaky looking. Shades are waaaaay to big and goofy for her face. This is probably the worst pic of the bunch it was with in the round it originally appeared with. Why is it here? Breasts. You idiots just saw breast.

  11. Daphne

    Are you guys fucking kidding me? This girl DID NOT FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. Stop fucking voting for her. She is also pretty shopped up; look at the dodged up mess by her right boob/arm.

  12. Damn…I’m struggling here. I’ve been team Jillian all the way since she beat my overall #1 choice Sierra. I’ve got crazy mad love for this picture because it’s so f****g HOT & makes me go crazy and stretches my shorts seams every time I look at it. But there have been so many accusations of it being faked that I don’t know that I can bring myself to vote for someone who doesn’t really exist. I’ve left a couple posts asking Jillian to provide a link so we can see other pics to prove she’s real…but she’s been silent. I want so badly to vote for Jillian, but think I am switching to team Erin if Jillian doesn’t come through with some proof. Erin is gaining ground FAST on Jillian in the voting, and might pass her for the win. Come on Jillian…give us a reason to vote for you…show us your real…or a bunch of us might jump ship and give Erin the win!

  13. Instead

    bush-league Sarah Chalke

  14. Really?

    God she’s ugly and her mouth looks retarded – who is voting for this?

  15. gina

    If I have to look at this girl every time, I won’t be visiting often. Photoshopped, and who knows what’s under those glasses.

  16. Failure Inc

    Get real please. The Jillian girl may be hot but that pic is NEVER going to work worth a damn as a banner image. The sunglasses are fail as well. Gianna or Erin are the best choices by far for this purpose. You would be better off keeping the girl you have than using the admittedly hot but unsuitable image of Jillian.

  17. Wow...

    I can’t imagine anyone voting on this pic. She should have shopped her forehead, retarded positioned arm, and ratty over-processed hair. The other 4 are worthy of being in this contest… I just can’t imagine why this made the cut.

    • dude

      it made the cut–and she’ll win–cos she looks absolutely out of this world. the pose reminds me of botticelli’s Birth of Aphrodite. and rules are made to be broken. get over your jealousies, jillian is a SEX GODDESS!!!

  18. YouGuysHaveNoTaste

    Seriously? You people are voting a wannabe Paris Hilton clone with the face of a 13 year cocaine habit as the winner so far?

    Oh. . . It makes sense now.

    Carry on.

  19. LPP

    This is shopped all to hell… she’s liquified her waist, among other things. This picture is an attention grab about being naked rather than an honest entry for a profile picture. STOP VOTING.

  20. Paul Phoenix

    Please people, stop voting for the photoshop disaster.

    I realize you can’t see everything that’s wrong with this picture because your screen resolutions are set to BOOBSxTITS, but you could trust us when we say that this girl does not exist.

    YOU COULD. Its not too late!

    • dude

      you fruit

    • I’ve enthusiastically been Team Jillian with @dude, but am beginning to doubt there is such a person, or at least doubt that the incredible “sex goddess” in the pic is her – and not instead a computer manufatured creation with her head. My vote’s still up for grabs.

      • dude

        even if it were shopped it still gets my vote for being shopped well. i cant find one flaw in that woman, not one. if she were an upcoming celeb we’d all be posting, “i’d hit it”. all this whining is from women who only wish they were that hot. and what does a jealous pig like that do every day, hour by hour, but put down all women who ARE so beautiful. women like Jillian. irony is, in NYC there are chicks that beautiful on every street every day. and no fatasses to complain about them cos people actually walk to get places.

    • Truth

      Who cares real or shopped. None of them are are going to Fuck you either way, So if you are going to see on of these 5, this is the best of the bunch.

      • Who cares if real or shopped? Seriously?? I’ll look the other way if there is some “mild” airbrushing of a real person, but there’s been an oft repeated challenge that Jillian’s picture is either (at best) severely airbrushed, or (at worst) a frankenstein creation with her head on the body of a victoria’s secret model. I think the fact that these challenges kept being made without Jillian ever stepping forward to refute them cost her a contest that was hers to loose since she started off with an 11% point over Erin that slowly faded through the entire day.

  21. Danielle

    Wow this is a great side profile shot…Oh wait.

  22. memem

    She isn’t even hot after photoshop – why is this the winner?

  23. oh man she looksway edible!She”s got my vote

  24. J-SIZZLE

    She has one fucked up “tan”

    She is so fake, she didn’t follow the rules, and it looks like she should lay off the drugs for a while.

  25. Anon

    dude and Truth… you are both WAY too enthusiastic about this girl. Yeah, she’s hot… But I’m starting to think you are either both Jillian, two of her friends, or some mix of that.

    • dude

      hah i wish i knew her lol. nah bein the chivalrous man i am im just helpin slay what dragons come her way.. TEAM JILLIAN!!!!!!!

    • dude

      p.s. i think you might be Fish :)

    • Truth

      Shh! – you’re ruining my fun!

      • dudeisjillian

        calling other commenters fat cows is “chivalrous”? Haters are “dragons”? Been playing too much world of warcraft in your mom’s basement? No one with a sense of the outside world says shit like, “she’s the perfect woman”, “not a flaw on her” and “sex goddess” on a banner contest image featuring pieces of various girls photoshopped and liquified together wearing shades so big you can’t even see 4/5ths of her face. She might as well have a paper bag over her head that reads, “please vote for my B-cups”. But um, fight that battle dude! Make sure you’re using the +1 mace of dragon slaying!

  26. Donahoe

    the banner girl is about the profile of the girls face, the girl winning right now is topless and thats the only reason, she has a very, i repeat very weak jaw, crooked nose and no cheek bones. don’t get me wrong i still find her hot but she is all kinds of wrong for the banner girl!

    • dude

      you’re assuming that the winning banner will use the same exact dimensions as the current banner. it’s not rocket science to move a pic around or shrink it to a thumbnail. and the trim on her panties kinda goes with the background color :)

  27. kaycee

    her face= :(. all i can focus on is her overdone nose job and ridiculous eyebrows. its not attractive nor banner girl quality. i thought the contest called for a profile type picture anyways or is it just me??

  28. Nicolino

    2 and 5 are nicest and classiest pictures that follow the guidelines best. 4 is a cool pic but not so nice and 1 is a lesser version of 2, while this is just classless and leaves little to the imagination.

  29. Timbo

    People please, this chick w the sunglasses is no where near hot enough to be in the finals, cant even see half her face and besides that shes only around cus shes got her shirt off, weak finish weak. Go erin, straight sexy.

  30. Dr McNasty

    I spanked the ol’ monkey to all five of these pictures, and this one made me splooge the fastest. 1 minute and 23 seconds. But she needs to lose those stupid, fugly shades. I think she should win, but cut off her head. And then ship it to me so I can skull-fuck it until those sunglasses fall off.

  31. Debutante

    This JILLIAN has a 10 body, but the face ?


    And sunglasses can hide a multitude of Sins

    I’m thinking #4 Melanie from San Diego.

    Great eye make up and a dreamy look . Not crazy about the eyebrows, though !

  32. lol

    i can’t believe i might have to look at this fucking butterface everyday.. get some taste people. god shes ugly. HELLO, LOOK AT THE NECK UP

  33. LAWL. She’s a bobblehead.

  34. angela

    Jillian’s eyes are too far apart. Hence the attempt at hiding them with the sunglasses. Meh.

  35. Chicken Bones

    I can live with the cheap hair extensions, the creepy little hands and the extensive photoshopping (she’s far from the only one, and the pic that wins will be ‘shopped, too) – but the thing I can’t get beyond is the glasses.

    Wake up voters: the huge sunglasses are there to hide her disfigured face. Her eyes are on opposite sides of her head – like a salamander. If you want to look at that every day – that’s fine. But be aware of what you’re voting for: The Geico spokes-mander.

  36. Daisy

    Only one who looks ‘superficial’ enough. I would be really pissed if some plain Jane, mousey brown haired bitch who took a boring spur of the moment picture won. While I still think 2 is the best pic, and 5 is the prettiest, 3 should win because….. boobs.

    • Chicken Bones

      Hey – I’m all for boob pics, but if that’s what this is (it isn’t), let’s get it on. Of course, none of these five would make the finals.

      Jillian: thanks for the boob shot. Now go get pounded by some greaseball firefighter at the ‘shore.

  37. Half Naked Midget

    Her arms are of a midget’s proportion.


    if this chick wins i will fucking kill myself

  39. nene

    wow, this is one is the best! I love it, whats her name??? I wanna vote for her but dont know her name??

  40. dude

    As you can tell I have never seen a remotely hot woman in my life.

  41. useless

    congrats to all the idiots if this chick wins – what you voted for will be cropped out. If I could vote for who *shouldn’t* be the winner, it would be this one all the way out of these 5

  42. dude

    Her midget arms make me cum.

  43. Sara

    Hmmm… looks like Audrina Patridge… A LOT like Audrina Patridge.

  44. KevinRa

    I hope she wins, IMO she looks the best, and no you don’t have to crop her. you can put her little sexy body on the side bars !! damn she is fine.

  45. daisy

    jill has wonky eyes!!!!! thats what the shades are for

  46. J

    Holy fucking huge cabbage head! She’s got Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and a gimpy t-rex arm.

  47. illness

    do me.

  48. spfan


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