1. tyl3r


  2. tribalbob

    so gross

    Her face says nothing. No substance.
    The only thing she’s got going here is the push up bra.

  3. anon

    I considered this one… but then looked at the clumping on the eyelashes.

  4. waffle

    I considered this one until I looked at the clumping on the eyelashes.

  5. Giana

    Vote for me (Giana)! Because my boobs look like an ass!

  6. Otherwise

    Tice nits. Fucking plain / cheese only face though.

  7. AnnaDraconida

    I don’t see any reason why the current banner girl should be replaced at all.

  8. this should be “no contest”. Erin has gorgeous lips, and Jillian, while very pretty, doesn’t even come CLOSE to being as drop-dead amazing as Erin. And, at this point, it’s neck and neck between the two. Unbelievable. I hope we don’t have some vote tampering going on!

    GO TEAM ERIN!!!! :)

  9. sos

    That first girl looks like she’s got a 12 year old face :-x

  10. rickybobby

    I’m surprised to see Jillian is from NYC. From the shape of her head I would’ve guessed Roswell, New Mexico.

  11. That Guy

    Makes me sad that the only reason the top girls are at the top is because of their boobs.

  12. kelsey

    who the hell is voting for this girl? she looks like a russian immigrant. and not a pretty one. she has no upper lip and her nose takes up the whole pic..ur all retards. how do ppl not realize #5 is by far the prettiest girl?????? im so confused. #3 is busted…her face is all wonky

  13. Raquel

    I have to agree with Kelsey, the first girl has ugly lips, big nose and she looks like a dude. She probably has her friends voting for her over and over. The last girl is by far the most attractive.Send these pictures to, he will rip the ugly ones apart!! The superficial guy’s standards are low considering he even put pic #1 up to begin with.

  14. I’m surprised she made it this far.

    Nice tits, yes, but the angle of her face is not flattering, and not only that, but she doesn’t even look happy! The current banner girl’s face has a little hint of a smile/smirk to it, which is much more appealing!

  15. fap

    Can we vote “no” to all? Thanks.

  16. nene

    can you put the girls names by their photos so we know who is who when voting?

  17. nene

    no upper lip , it’s not sexy!

  18. wi11ypig

    Damn! That’s a lot of nose!

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