1. Sam Adams

    what a selection…they’re all beautiful girls but not right for the page…#2 has my vote i guess. and #3 looks like a half naked hayden panettiere.

  2. Darebear

    That’s funny, because Hayden Panettiere is already the banner girl.

  3. Felicia

    Hmm, 4%. But, hey, I took the pic with my phone, sitting on my couch. I’m kind of astounded that it made it on the site at all, let alone top 5. Now I kinda wish I’d made more of an effort. Kinda.

    Personally, I like pic #2 (but, let’s be serious, I voted for myself!)

    Good luck to all you lovelies. And thanks for the votes!

    • Me

      Well the truth is I didn’t vote for you, I voted for the third girl, because she’s half naked. But for what it’s worth yours is the only picture I clicked on to ogle.

      • Felicia

        Reality show? Ha, not my style. I’m actually very low-key and don’t usually do stuff like this. My friends are having a good laugh, anyway. ;)

    • Instead

      If this is the real Felicia, when do you get the reality show?

    • Truth

      Sorry to break this to you. You are NOT top 5. You were the least bad of a VERY bad group.

      • Felicia

        To be honest, I don’t think it’s a great pic, either. But there it is, bitch, so I guess your opinion doesn’t matter.

  4. Felicia – I appreciate your engaging with us voters, your trying to follow the rules with your picture, and appearing to want to win this silly (but fun) contest. If you’d really like to submit another pic for consideration, how about posting one for us all to consider (and maybe even using in an argument with Fish). I note some other girls are using the website to post alt single pics. There is tough competition in the finals – but we’d all love to see you at what you think is your best – because from what we already see – you are a stunner.

  5. kelsey

    you are by far the prettiest girl on here. i dont understand why ppl arnt voting for you. u have the best lips out of all of these girls..and thats what the best part of the original banner girl is..her lips. ppl are stupid and obvi have no idea what beauty is!

    • yes, i am female

      could not agree more. you can see tits anywhere, this one has a great face & that’s not so easy to find.

  6. mrk83

    this girl is very beautiful but the picture just isn’t right for what the contest called for. none of them are. its crazy, you would think out of all the people that view the site a few would submit some pictures that fit the bill. this girl should do a purely profile picture and it would be golden!

    • kelsey

      umm no. her face is perfect for it. all u have to do is crop it and photshop her hand out of it and it would be perfect. it doesnt have to be exactly the same as the old banner..its still mostly her profile. who cares if the front of her face shows as lons as its not full on front number 3..and fyi..none of the girls did a full on side profile

  7. Felicia

    Thanks for the compliments, everyone. :) Obviously, my self-esteem isn’t dependent on a silly photo contest on a trashy (but awesome!) gossip site, and I did submit this pic, so I really have no right to bitch about it. It’s fun just seeing my pic up there.

    • Colin

      If that were the truth you would’t have had to make sure and tell us how little this silly little contest matters to you. Insecurity is a byotch, hide it as you might but it always comes out

  8. Felicia

    Per your suggestions, here’s another.


    And one that a friend adjusted the color on a bit.


  9. GOD!!!!!!!! I say DO OVER!!!!!

  10. ^(sorry about that)

    Yeah…Felicia…you’re a goddess in that 1st pic. I think you’d definitely be in serious contention with that one (or one exactly like it with the eye shadow more visible on the left eye). WOW!!! Literally takes my breath away.

    • Felicia

      Oh, the links worked? Sweet! Thanks, BillyMack! Maybe next time, huh?

      • Sounds good beautiful. Let me know and I’ll be happy to be your campaign manager! All I’d ask is for the chance to kiss those delicious lips just once!

        P.S. You have got the most down-to-earth and refreshing personality of any of the girls in this contest who have made public comments. Almost certainly too good for a cheesy site like this…but “thanks for playing” and being such a good sport!” And yeah haters…I’m kissing Felicia’s ass…she’s adorable.

      • Tiffany

        lol!! loser

      • Felicia

        Hehe, thanks for being my fan club, Billy. ;) And, yeah, it’s cheesy. I felt silly after sending pics, but once I saw it up there, was hoping for atleast 5%. Lol.

  11. fap

    Her profile sucks though —>

    Kinda looks like Marilyn Manson. Can only use front pics with this one.

    • shimmy

      Nah. Besides the uncomfortable-looking stretching of the neck, I’d say that’s a near-perfect profile.
      She looks like a model in the other pic she posted. Strong, striking features. She ain’t Superficial material but let’s face it, that’s quite a compliment.

    • Tiffany

      lol shes not that great but she does not look anything like manson you jealous weirdo

  12. Felicia

    Eh, bite me. I’ve been compared to a lot of people (good and bad, imo) in my life, but never Marilyn Manson.

  13. nene

    no , too plain not sexy at all!

  14. KevinRa

    WOW, your right she does look like Marilyn Manson! I think she looks cute with makeup , but I wouldn’t consider her attractive!

    • Felicia

      Oh, FFS, I do NOT look like Marilyn Manson! The high contrast on the pic linked causes me to look more pale than I am, not to mention one-dimensional. I don’t think I’m supermodel material, but I go out without makeup all the time and no one shrieks in horror.

    • nene

      dont think she is ugly def not sexy . lol about the marlyin manson comparsion…i see it, it’s the nose that makes her look like that. but yeah she looks out of place with all these pretty girls. pretty flat chested as well.

  15. spfan

    looks too old. girls in their 20′s not in their 30′s please

  16. cc

    Oh please…everyone picking nits about Felicia and drawing Marilyn Manson comparisons knows there probably isn’t a guy between 14 to 40 whose head wouldn’t do an Exorcist spin if she walked past them on the street.

  17. not creative enough for this

    you’re all ridiculous. Felicia is gorgeous, as are the other contestants. Felicia’s picture is the only one that I was drawn to.

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