1. Steve

    In order:

    • Crusty

      I almost agree.. I have 2,1,4,5,3..

      Erin and Gianna are both stunning but am giving Erin the nudge because of her cum hither expression.

  2. Erin’s the prettiest, she just looks a little too innocent. I’m really bummed at this selection – their were alot of hotter girls in the posting, just nobody knows how to follow directions!!!! ugh!


    I’m going
    Even though it kills me to take a DC girl over my home NYC girl, Erin just has that extra indescribable factor.

  4. miss21

    I think the first and second photos are the only “Superficial-ish” type pictures. Sure the others are fine.. if you like blue make up and strippers. Erin has a sense of class, style, and simply just being fabulous.


    Definitely the only good one. Vote for her! She’s perfect for the banner!

  6. dude

    sorry but this pic couldn’t be more flat. nothing in it gets me excited AT ALL. i dont come here for glam shots i come for superficial hotties.. nothing against erin. GO JILLIAN!

  7. Almost

    You don’t suit the site.

  8. Ash

    Erin is so pretty and she’s not trying to win over voters with boob shots. I hope she wins! :)

  9. C

    I don’t understand how Jillian’s picture could be formatted to be in the banner and not make her look like she is 300 pounds. Erin has got my vote.

  10. Umm...

    How old is she?? Too young and too innocent.

  11. Some Girl

    Is Erin on Model Mayhem, any links to her?

  12. anonym

    #3 has a big head for her body.

    don’t be fooled by the titties

    #2 looks perfect and classy for the banner

  13. anonym

    #1 has a sad face

  14. Daisy

    Sorry, but 1 and 2 are just way to boring to be The Superficial Banner Girl! You know it’s true. They look like beautiful girls, but what about this site has ever screamed ‘classy’ at you? I don’t particularly like Jillian’s shot, but it’s very…. superficialicious.

  15. Dani

    Definitely Erin, her style is different and she looks gorgeous and PURE. She’s not trying as hard as the other girls. Also, us DC/Northern VA girls are the best!

  16. SamIam

    Erin is hot. I’m gay and I think she’s hot.

  17. cwp

    Erin 100%!!!!!!

  18. nene

    she needs a nosejob, it looks bad! ugly next!

  19. useless

    aaaaand once again I am deprived of the ability to vote for no reason. Is it set up so that if you click on a picture it automatically makes you vote for that person?

  20. KevinRa

    she is pretty but boring.

  21. Crop it Right

    NIce pic, but the hint of eye needs to be cropped out, or the whole eye should be included altogether. Looks rather strange just seeing a few pixels of lashes.

  22. Ivat

    Anyone but that god awful #3 Jillian

  23. Mel Gibson

    She has hillbilly teeth – glad her mouth is closed.

  24. model for


    you should model for

    Scroll down to the bottom of the pag and click on our banner and send us an email for casting in our next banner

  25. gigi

    I see nothing *superficial* about this chick… she just looks sweet & classy/ very horse country-ish…. is the site changing or something? bummer…

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