1. Beer Baron

    A face only a pedo would love.

  2. what a frumpy dress

  3. Petar

    Personally I think any and all women who are looking for peeitcrfon in a man can be summed up in one word. Princesses. Not the good kind. The spoiled brat kind whom daddy doted on until they are unmarryable by any sane, reasonable man.E Harmony caters to and banks on and built their so called business on selling the idea of a perfect match to Princesses. And it does not work. The amount of success they have and the number of people who actually pay their ridiculous monthly fee is too few for them to survive. They felt with the ad blitz on tv, that numbers coming to the site would save them. E Harmony GONE within five years.Princesses. Unmarried or divorced in five years. Too much of a high maintenance pain in the ass to live with.Now the heart wants what the heart wants. I have found from personal experience when love hits all of your requirements list points go flying out the window. THAT you can bank on. And if it is real you are suddenly able to overlook glaring defects in a mate and amaze your friends at the same time who wonder what the hell is wrong with you that you would be pursuing such a lemon. Of course, this is all just my opinion. But, I have yet to see it invalidated. I stay well clear of long detailed lists from women. And the perfect marriages break up for the damnedest reasons. My brother was a king in high school and college, became a medical doctor, is tall and good looking, smart, polite, athletic and a fine Christian. And after ten years of marriage he walked out on his prom queen homemaker bride who loved him faithfully. And his two kids. Lesson to be learned? The perfect marriages break up as much as the other ones. Don’t be surprised. Yes, it was another woman his secretary who appreciated and worshiped him more than his wife. End of story.

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