1. Is that smoke coming from his cologne, or did he think to hard?

  2. Problem?

    I’d go with the latter.

  3. milkcerealbaby

    The Situation must shop at Douche Lord and Taylor.

  4. Rose

    Does no one notice the sickening massive bulge that is his upper arm?!? It looks disgusting, the tiny little forearm and then a bulbous tumor looking upper arm D=

    • buongustaio

      was exactly thinking the same! looks disgusting!! whats the point in working out that hard if youre eventually totally wasting your body harmony??!! =S

      • Ur_Moms_Pink_Taco

        You two are clearly missing the point, this douche knew the camera was there and was trying to flex his tricep, I mean look at the indented elbow. Fu**ing waste of life…

        and I agree with above though, look at the pudge in the middle, taking all that creatine and supplements… when you stop, bitch tits and a gut

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