1. fiasko

    I just threw up.

  2. trim your fucking nose hairs dipshit…

  3. omgTrod

    This is obviously the result of a whole new STD that you can only get from going down on a miniature Chilean water buffalo.

  4. Whitneysouth

    Things that must go: corn teeth.

    • DirtyGirl

      5 million Dollars in 2010 and he still can’t afford a good dental hygienist to fix the candy corn teeth?!? ABSURD

  5. Annie

    At least he has his real teeth–not those chiclet veneers they all get these days. I’m tired of 20 year olds looking like they have dentures.

  6. Eric

    New trend – flossing with nose hair.

  7. lizzy

    AHAHAHA OMG nastyyy

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