1. PabloHoney

    Boring shot.
    Boring B-cups.
    Boring bra from Target.

    • the first girl is the only one to pick from this crop. cant lie though the 2nd girl with the bombs is pretty bangen. all of them can tounge punch my fart box anytime!

    • qwerty

      Yeah the bra is meh.How old is it?
      I like her curtains though.

    • #5

      Oooo, not that it matters but for the record, i took this picture with like 2 hours left of the entry date as sort of a joke by myself to see if i could even make it at all, Hurray i did! and the bra was from LaSenza, there are no Target’s in canada. and also yeah it is a B haha! i’m kind of horrified the picture made it, but also kind of super excited.

  2. pink ink

    I like number 5.

  3. Sharkey


  4. lisa

    #3 is hot and way more interesting than the others.

    • Alex

      number three is a burn victim.
      she is just hiding the one side of her face.
      true beauty should win, not some scarfaced number three.

      • KrissyMae

        Do you know how difficult it is to have an attractive side profile? Some the most beautiful people I know look like shit from the side. #3 rocks

  5. I think they are all pretty

    I think all of them are prettier than any of the tired and over exposed celebrities that we usually see on this site, day in and day out.

  6. Jade

    This girl is not fake enough to be the banner girl.

  7. Something out of the Gummo movie…I would skip it.

  8. tidbit


  9. Id

    Wtf is up with all of their noses? # One needs to buy a book on photoshop. Features blown out is incredibly amateur.
    Does cover up the horrid skin, though.

  10. CIDM

    this is NASTY … why would anyone want to show their training bra ????

  11. kcdilla

    i have to agree…this one’s pretty terrible

  12. Gooniegoogoo

    #3 wins hands down

  13. Hayden

    I think number #4 is the hottest.

  14. Rhialto

    Wow! It’s difficult to make the right decision since it’s all a close call! But i’d like pic 2 for artistic reasons!

  15. Gxrated


  16. M

    Aren’t the photos supposed to resemble the banner chick??? FAIL. All of these bimbos failed miserably.

  17. Skroonk

    #2 represents the sites title more: Superficial.

    She’s got fake-ass taters, a vapid stare, and is willing to whore herself out to the internet. What more do you want?

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