1. this is probably one of the dumbest looking chicks i’ve ever seen. she looks like she forgets her own name

  2. lol, pic 4 looks like a duck with down syndrome.

  3. Alex

    sometimes people look good with extra chromosomes.
    this person does not.

  4. Jade

    Nah. She’d probably look better with some extra braincells and her natural haircolor.

  5. She looks a bit slow…serious…and her eyes are wonky, kind of cross-eyed. I would skip this young man.

  6. tidbit

    Fuck no! This bitch is skank x100 with her retarded eyes, bullshit discount nose, twin ham lips, and shit rack.

  7. Becker

    For some reason I really like this picture … sexy lips

  8. hunter

    you are all overly critical… These girls are all above average. If I could get the cheap eyeliner off of 4 I’d fuck her raw

  9. Deanlover

    This girl is stunning!…and all these other comments are just in bad taste. Compared to the other girls, she is classy and sexy, not skanky.

  10. MOZ

    This is the only girl with model quality…you can pick up the other 4 behind a counter at 7-11 (or maybe you can’t).

  11. Gxrated

    maybe not nice tits but u can tell shes hot, and you got to minus some makeup

  12. lolz

    No Boobies at all! I think to be superficial banner, you should at least have a hint of cleavage.

    She’s wearing a Push-up and it still isn’t working!!! Why would you show off assets that you don’t have?

  13. Gxrated

    no tits but hot face aside from overdone makeup

  14. haters

    you all are haters, stop hating because you know you will never be able to get with her. she is beautiful. all you fuck tards are probably masturbating in a dark corner to this picture so shut the fuck up you fat fucks.

  15. cupidx

    fucking hot

  16. askme

    skinny, tall, and flat: seems like she should be on the runway not a gossip website

  17. IgnoranceIsBliss

    This girl is beautiful. Step back, take a look at her without jealousy or spite and THEN make your comments. Skank? She is the classiest girl I have seen, and from the look of her I doubt she would be speaking like a sailor as you are to degrade her. Forgets her name? Baby, you’ll be lucky if you get to know her name. She is exquisite, and if you can all put your insecurities away I think that would be easy for you to see.

  18. lko

    is she pressing her ugly face agaist a window or is she just deformed

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