1. marcela


  2. Jill Ess

    Someone failed at red-eye repair.

  3. Dee

    The inner serpent alway’s show’s it’s self.

  4. dR

    epic fail at red eye removal. update your photoshop.

  5. raf

    no photoshop it’s just that one of her contacts fell/ moved away from her iris

    • Pascale

      Why would she wear a black-coloured contact when she already has dark brown eyes? I vote red-eye removal error.

  6. kayk

    Last time I saw this face Kurt Russell blew it up at the end of stargate.

  7. Do_Freebird

    Why is Marc Anthony wearing a dress?

  8. Jesus. It’s like her face is rejecting her eyeball.

  9. Reptidentifier

    She’s a reptilian.

  10. KelBel

    I think I’ve seen this happen before on season two of Heroes. It doesn’t end well.

  11. Jime

    OMG is it a joke right?

  12. Simone

    This happened to me once too! It actually her liquid eyeliner got on her eyeball and smudged the white part of her eye black, it doesnt even hurt so she probably didnt even notice, you can just wipe it off with your finger.

  13. Paloma

    Tila is that you?

  14. Golden gal

    Even if she is a reptilian, what difference would it make. They haven’t harmed us yet and they excist before we were born, why would they try to harm us now? I just see them as a different way of viewing a human. Take care. . . G

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