1. Kelly


  2. Paloma

    Moms has a banging body for her age. No wonder why junior has a woody.

  3. Ed

    That picture is disturbing yet hot at the same time.

    That kid must be packing a tiny weeny, cause that stiffy is pathetic.

  4. MALE

    I’d blow that kid any old day….cute hardon….then I’d blow my load all over his chest.

  5. Bi Guy

    Don’t be fooled, that ain’t no hard on. That’s a bulge, kid is packin’

  6. Barry

    Not sure what is going on there?

    • MALE

      She’s trying to get his swimmers open so she can pull out his dick, Barry. Wouldn’t you do the same thing?? I mean, really……..

  7. No woody

    Sorry, guys… but the kid is playing on the other team

    • Mike

      There’s nothing on that link that says or even suggests the kid is gay.

      Why is everybody assuming that the kid is boning up over mom? Let’s not forget she’s not the only girl on the beach. There’s another girl hidden right behind her.

    • JOHN

      White pants, legs crossed, hands on thigh like a girl and wearing a purple ascot, for Christ sake… Gay as a meatball… By the way, why is his mommy adjusting his shorts for him? Can’t he do that himself? What is he, a 5 year old???

  8. jbfromptown

    Dude has on white pants, and crosses his legs like a Biotch. GAY!

  9. GravyLeg

    I have to give the kid a break on the gay thing. Imagining YOUR mom banging Axl Rose and tell me it doesn’t fuck up your sexual identity just a tiny bit.

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