1. shonzie

    …or lack of, in this case.

  2. chris breezy boxing academy

    perhaps “the pippa middleton butt minute” would’ve been more appropriate

  3. cranklepie

    That’s maj-ass-tic. In the same sense the ass of a 12 year old boy is. But what can I say… I’m not only a supporter of NAMBLA, I’m the founder!

  4. Throjo

    Meh. Maybe they should hire an actress to say she shot it full of botox.

  5. JOSH

    she has no curves and no hips, this looks like a mans ass from the 80s…

  6. tuttifrutti

    Proof that the Red Coats are all, in fact, gay. Viva 1776!

  7. BazookaJoe

    My kid watches an animation series named Pippa Pig. Pretty funny.
    Other than, MILF Liz Hurley, the Britts don’t have much to lust after so Pippa’s arse is a valuable assset.

  8. JOSH

    yeah im gay, you got me, sorry no, your gay if you lke the look a mans ass on a woman, women should have curves and hips…so that makes you gay…my god ive been in the closet for 36 years…my wife is gonna freak,LOL…losers.

  9. Nik

    She looks like steven tyler from behind…

  10. AL

    hahaha she’s wearing a completely jean outfit

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