1. sensitive guy

    Excuse me… is that a copy of GENTE magazine she’s signing… and she’s on the cover? And ‘hooting and hollering’ are considered sexual harassment?! Look, I’m all for letting her do her job… but when you show up at a cock fight dressed like you’re auditioning for the FOX weather girl job… what do you expect?

  2. Websters'

    I heart her…

  3. chickenbones

    A fake-tited bottle blonde with painted-on jeans from MEXICO is suing because someone whistled at her?

    Give me a fucking break. Someone call La Migra on this sewer rat.

    • elliotspitzer

      She’s right. She shouldn’t have to be subjected to sexist hoots and hollering while she trying to do her job. Next time the players – and coach- should just quietly and calmly beat off in front of her while respectfully answering her questions.

  4. Broseph

    I’d put my penis in her vagina if you know what I mean.

  5. absinthe

    Great ass, horrible, fake boobs, bad face.

    • billabong021

      Dude those titties are real, if they were fake they’d be closer together and more round. FUCK, I swear, most of you dicks wouldn’t know real titties even if you motorboated them!

  6. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Is it me or does her chin/jaw look like the end of an anvil?

  7. kidchaos

    This woman is a total butter-face! Her grill is completely busted. She could use that pointy ass chin as a weapon. Look at all those big ass sun spots all over her chest! Bet her ass is covered with em too…..BLEH!

  8. Jay Coystaire

    The girl in the first photo is Alex Flanagan from NBC sports.

  9. ppl

    disappointing front side, turn her around

  10. Heywood Jablowme

    you do know “she” was born a dude, right?

  11. Darren

    The things I would eat out of her ass… You have no IDEA!

  12. Blech

    Eh. Vanilla.

  13. habu

    I don’t think she is all that good looking. She should be flatered that they looked at all

  14. Moi

    This chick has a great booty, body, but her face is just meh. Perhaps if she colors her hair darker..stay true to her latina ‘roots’ she’d look a bit better.

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