1. Dirk

    I’ll shake those maracas… chicka chicka squirt!

  2. Jessica

    Butt and boob implants. Yum

  3. Liberal Hater

    This chick is fucking hot until she opens up her spic mouth.

    • Lila

      You would probably bang her so don’t try to act all mysterious white pride on this forum…

    • pOOkiE

      Liberal Hater u fucking mad cuz u will never hit something like that.. and if u do she would take ur pennies and cheat on ur fucking white dumass.. thats what they usually do.. they marry a white fuck for the greencard and after that they kick their asses.. and the poor white idiots keep flying to latin america to marry a senorita.. IGNORANT MOTHERFUCKAS.. and then the white fucks get mad and take out a $1000000 life insurance kill the bitch.. bury the body in their basement and then fly back to latin america for another senorita.. lol.. that is sooooooooooo white .. soooooo typical. lol!!!!!!

  4. Lila

    Liberal hater, you probably wouldn’t even have known she was a spic unless the article said so, you dumb mutherfukker…

  5. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    I’d be honored to hit that. Viva Espana!

  6. Bill

    She is a stacked woman who walks into a guys locker room… WTF did she expect?

  7. terrance


  8. chikachikayea

    She’s not THAT ugly looking in the face and plus with an ass like that who gives a fuck.

  9. Ugly looking? Fuck sakes she’s HOT!!!

  10. joey d

    lila you sound hot..lmao

  11. joey d

    REALLY?? this chik has butt implants.. gotta get my girl sum of those for christmas

  12. BB

    She’s old. probably used to F 10 x a day. mileage is showing on her face

  13. pOOkiE

    Why white fucks have to be so freaking racists.. Calling a beautiful women spic.. how about u red neck fuck.. u probably have a freezer in ur basement full of body parts like u people do.. crazy dumb ass mothafuka..

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