1. Drew

    That chin is as fake as her ta-tas!! Let’s be honest, there’s a super-glued piece of chicken thigh under that chin! HA! I’d love to see the laundry list at her plastic surgeon’s office! Honestly… does she take reporting seriously? Or, is she trying to be the mexican Nicole Richie?? Get over yourself sweetheart.. maxim photoshoot is in your future.. not serious journalism. Done.

  2. pOOkiE

    this guy is gay… only a white guy named DREW would say something like that.. who gives 3 shits about her chin.. IDIOT:

    (Idiot journalism).. fucking stupid

  3. apijfoeubgoue

    i agree with drew she probably has had many surgeries done to look like that. ..and then she goes to a football game where obv a bunch of are going to make comments about her. . .that is definitely the reaction she was looking for and she probably wanted it to happen so she could come out with this scandal and get even more attention by having people feel bad for her. . .well her and all of her fakeness asked for it.

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