1. J


  2. rob

    So when you have a pair of bolt on tits and wear jeans so tight people can make out the lone pimple on your ass, you then bring yourself into hugely testosterone filled situation you should then expect everyone to behave in a gentlemanly way.

    Um yea… That’s how it works.

    Hey sweet cheeks, keep in mind that these guys are usually so jacked up that they’ll slamming their dicks in anything, including coke machines.

  3. bobtwat

    Give me a break already… please! Wrap yourself in a burka if you don’t want people looking at you.

  4. katie

    GREAT ass, horrible boobs. implants im guessing

  5. HLM

    Wow…you could drive an Abrahms Tank between those.

  6. 13 year old boy

    I wouldn’t hit it. She’s not good looking enough for me.

  7. jj

    she got fake baseball boobs cuz she’s too skinny. ew. not impressed… ps, if u dont want to get heckled by a footballl team, try wearing some jeans that arn’t latex tight. ho fo sho.

  8. I liked this :) She is great. Really charming girl but I like the first picture in jeans more than the others,

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