1. Harababura


  2. dude

    that shit is busted.

  3. Andrew

    You look like that and you walk into a football locker room… WHAT THE FUCK IS SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN? That’s like going into compton, getting mugged and suing the city.

  4. J

    Geez, look at that ass. I want to molest the picture on the computer screen. I can imagine what it would be like in real life.

  5. Courageous

    In real life, it is just fine!

  6. Like a G-6

    IMa chick and i wanna hit that ass! jesus did one thing right in mexico (the women)

  7. Butt

    That chick doesn’t look mexican at all.

  8. Schnib

    That is the weirdest chin I’ve ever seen.

  9. Bubbubbubbu

    Uhhh…I am a hetero female and even I would catcall that booty if it walked into the room. I think this investigation will help increase her star power and somehow I suspect it was orchestrated. I had never heard of her before this post and I’m a Jets fan.
    In general…Ya, she’s dressed for attention, obviously wants her assets to be noticed and they were. I don’t subscribe to the notion of “she asked for it or deserved it” based on the way she is dressed. Everyone deserves to be treated respectfully and with basic human kindness. Sounds like that wasn’t shown to her in the locker room.

  10. Bubbubbubbu

    Butt | September 14, 2010 at 11:10 am

    Not all Mexicans are of Aztec or Mayan (or other Natives) descent. The majority do descend from the native people of that region but Cortez and his dudes brought over many different kinds of European genes, long ago and they mixed in with the local population. As a result, there are light skinned, blond, blue eyed Mexicans that aren’t 1/2 breeds (w/USA or Canada) or ex-pats. They also do have hair bleach and colored contacts all the way down there in Mexico. Hard to believe but true.

  11. Lissa

    That’s what happens when you let a hole represent reporting sports.

  12. jackie baines

    Are men reporters given all access to locker rooms in womens sports? like volley ball, golf, tennis,etc.

  13. Taylor Rae

    Shame about the face…..

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