1. BWT

    Fuck me. Could stare at that ass for hours. Damn…I would tickle her spleen with my tongue…

  2. Cody

    shes lucky all she got were hoots and hollers.

  3. Bree

    I am a hetero female and I would love to lick her jeans off!

  4. Soviet Snow

    She can jump my fence

  5. Puddin' Taine

    After looking at that ass it would be CRIMINAL not to hoot n holla!!!

  6. stonefry

    I said “holy schnizzle” out loud.

  7. Kate

    Her own camera crew is staring blatantly at that ass in the sideline pic, is she going to complain about them too?

  8. Glad this was put first. Very wise indeed Fish….

  9. meat

    I can smell her farts from here. What a nice piece of ass. I’m surprised she didn’t get gang fucked by the Jets.

  10. Crusty

    This girl has been parading around for years dressing like a teenager. She wants to be taken seriously as a journalist? Then quit trying to be “the story”.

    I’d sexually harass her for hours on end..

  11. Laurénne

    yeah, holy shit.

  12. Cardinal Fang

    She needs a good illegal use of my hands. Of course there would be some unnecessary roughness of her ass – in and around. Plenty of holding and plenty of clipping. I’d shave that senorita clean down there.

  13. Cassie

    Nice bum, though.

  14. JoeC

    Damn! That bitch has one hell of an ass. That would make a great pillow.

  15. Clem

    If she sat on my face I reckon I could guess her weight to within .5 of a pound.

  16. frankiestage

    That ass is riduculous. Even the judge will explain to her, “Listen. We are not robots. We are human beings. Human beings with d*cks. Human beings with d*cks that react to asses like yours in a natural fashion…..”

  17. Me

    If you want to be treated like a professional, dress professionally. Of course this statement could be interpreted in various ways.

  18. badchess

    Holy crap, baby makes those bluejeans talk.

  19. Fart_face

    Yep. That is a very natural way to stand. Certainly, she isn’t standing in very flattering postures & poses to accentuate her ASSets.

    All I’m saying is that this chick, while smoking hot, absolutely knows it, celebrates it, shows it off & shouldn’t be all surprised.

  20. Hugh Gentry

    holy fuck!!!! those are painted on…onto a perfect turd cutter!! My god, I may have to rub one out to her.

  21. Cardinal Fang

    Apparently some of the other reporters complained for her. She could have cared less about the alleged rudeness. That’s what I heard.

  22. Daddyoh

    I wanna harass her myself! Nice ass, Chiquita!

  23. layhertease

    Oh puh-lease. She works for Mexican TV and she feels sexually harrassed and offended over a few hoots and hollers? Really?? Has anybody ever watched hispanic TV? Every damn woman on every damn show is dressed in next to nothing with their tits and ass hanging out all over the place (not that I’m complaining), with the male members of the casts blantantly staring and ogling and drooling over them and treating them like the obvious shallow sex objects they allow themselves to be. Such ridiculous hypocritical horse shit. I guess she figured that if Erin Andrews can become famous after a little peep hole video (’cause let’s be honest, who ever heard of Erin Andrews before the peep hole?), why shouldn’t she jump on the litigious gravy train. Silly Americans will buy off lawsuits for anything.

    • BennyFromThames

      Well, first I have to say I just saw her ass on a monitor and it made me verbally shout out, “DAAAMN” so I can only image if you saw that ass in real life how much restraint it requires not to comment. Secondly, I have to agree with you, in most of latin american countries the ladies dress like this (or with less) on t.v. and men pretty most stare and are a hell of a lot more honest about the shit they’re thinking. It’s something different if they were touching her, or hollering at every female reporter regardless of how they were dressed, but my god her jeans look painted on (not complaining about that part). These guys are alpha male jock types and she a women that has an ass that was sculpted by the gods that obviously wants attention, but hey we want the men to PRETEND they don’t notice the ass! In other words, ladies wear what you want to, but understand then men should also have the right to say what they want as long as they don’t put their hands on you. It that makes you feel uncomfortable then suck it up, and wear something that doesn’t make every straight man want to stuff a dollar down your pants. Why are american men collectively so whipped & willing to just shrug this shit off; call women out on this crap?

      • Blech

        I agree!

        If in-shape men dressed in Speedo bikinis walked down my street, I guarantee that women would be ogling and perhaps complimenting decent packages.

        Women, if there’s a certain kind of attention you DON’T want, STOP teasing with whoreish advertisements.

  24. Any Guy

    stellar fartbox indeed.

  25. I mean, I usually get upset when guys harass a random women walking in NYC…butt (hehe…catch that?) damn! Damn! I probably would have left the hoots, hollers (and motor boats) for after she left the locker room, but honestly, they’re football players and you’re in a locker rooms in skin tight jeans and an ass that could make baby jesus cry, what do you expect? (hoot, holler, motorboat…brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr)

  26. I’m a girl, and even I think she has a hot ass.

  27. JesseJimmy

    I would like to give her a colonoscopy with my tongue. That is one unbelievable poopchute. . .

  28. yowillie

    What an ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. First

    I’d like to motorboat her ass.

  30. spectacularly saddening that this is what society has come to…women encouraged to be attention-seeking media whores, women of all ages dressing like tramps (i’m not sure which is worse, young girls dressing trashily, or older women doing the same), seen as (and seeing themselves as) objects, mere objects…trading on their sex and sexuality…prostituting themselves…seeing themselves as a commodity and the world (male AND female) as a hungry, devouring market….god-DAMN…


  31. miguelito


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  33. Bizzle

    That is the ass of all asses…. OMG

    Please bow your heads and pray with me. “Sweet Baby Jesus” please bless us with a hidden sex tape of this asserrific hoochie. If that is not possible even a Maxim or perhaps a Playboy contract? It’s in Jesus name we pray.



  34. Bill Nye

    Didn’t I see this picture on thechive a couple of weeks ago…?

  35. momo

    she can shit on my chest just so I can see her asshole work…what an ass. WOOOOOOW!!!

  36. madmen

    her rear is perfect. she knows it. why would she dress the way she does if she didn’t want attention. she is not offended, she just wants attention

  37. Jim Jones

    What do you expect from a locker room?

  38. LJ

    If I saw this walk into the room I wouldn’t be able to stop a “WOW” comming out of my mouth.

    Ines Sainz in Orange and White:

  39. Tom

    Damn! That girl’s body cries out sex! I am thinking major impure thoughts. Sorry girl, but there is going to be a reaction if you are around a bunch of naked men in a locker room, that is just the way that God designed it. Best wait for the cold showers to be over with.

  40. Terry

    In this case, “harass” should be two words…

  41. Those jeans look like they’re damn near been painted on.

  42. chikachikayea

    Only harassment surrounding this chick is what I’m about to do to my penis in like 3 seconds

  43. Elliott

    What amazes me is that she is a woman going into a mens locker room after a football game. These female reporters always seem to come in to the locker room when ever they want and the men are half naked. First off, lets turn the tables. I’m a man going into a female locker room after a game for one of the WNBA teams. Is that acceptable? Is it ok to see the women changing into their thongs and panties? Do interviews while they are in there bra’s? NEVER. Ironically, no one on the Jets even said anything nasty. They were just hootin and hawing a little. This was a ploy for this Mexican reporter to get her name into main-stream American homes. Its a shame. Women SHOULD NOT BE in the mens locker rooms until team personal notifies them that the men are fully showered, changed, relaxed, and ready to be interviewed. PERIOD…HER FAULT…..SHE ASKED FOR IT!

  44. momo

    actually, if you read a real article on the subject, she was not the one that made the claim of harassment, it was a bunch of male reporters that overheard the comments. She accepted the apology from the owner of the Jets and wants to move on. Anything that comes further comes from the NFL on their own. This woman is HOT and also smart. She knows that her looks are the hook and that if she was to cry harassment and make a spectacle of it, she would find further interviews reluctant to play ball with her. She is not the one that made this an issue…

  45. yowillie

    No idea why………………..

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