1. Frankie

    Tell us who these people are.
    We…THE UNCOOL don’t know who some of these people are.

  2. No2lames

    Taylor “Try Hard” Momsen, Mr “Fucked In The Head” Lohan, “Miley “Hillbilly Trash” Cyrus,
    Demi “Cutter and Coke” Lovato, Brett” Bald Underneath the bandana” Michaels,
    Tara “Wonky Tits” Reid, Lindsay “Coke and Booze” Lohan, Charlie “Hookers, Coke, Booze and Hookers” Sheen
    Kanye “Douchebag” West, Kendra ” Fucks old Men for fame” Wilkinson,Taylor “Try Hard: Momsen
    Wilmer “If it has tits and a vagina, I’m putting my dick in it” Valderramas

    does that help?

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