1. Jon

    Wow! Lamar Odom what were you thinking.

    • Mortimer Duke

      He wasnt. As long as it wasnt Black he was willing to stick his dick in it. You know how much these Black athletes hate themselves and beng Black in general. Doesnt matter that he can only have butt (ugly) sex from now on cause he married a dude. But I mean, who am I to judge?

  2. Racer X

    Lamar is lucky!!! She reminds me of pornstar Olivia O’lovey7

  3. RM

    You don’t need to be beautiful, or even moderately attractive, to make it in Hollywood. You just have to hope your sister loves piss-play, and you’re in!

  4. Rolo

    Ahahahaha, omg that is amazing. Thank you Emily, you made my millennium with that.

  5. hahahaha best comment ever!

  6. kimzy

    whatever she’s fucking hilarious

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