1. Her dress may be a bit much but she is smokin

  2. Jill Ess

    LOVE it, Georgio!

  3. 2poop jenkins

    wow. that one really sucked.

  4. kara

    why do these never have captions? i don’t even know who the fuck this is & i’m on this site everyday

    • Studley Hungwell

      Who she is doesn’t matter-What she’s wearing is why she’s here

    • Phoebe's Mom

      you’re here everyday but never hovered your mouse over a picture

      • me

        What browser are you using? Even Internet Explorer 8 finally fixed displaying ‘alt’ text on hover.

        IE 8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera (not to mention all the mobile browsers that can’t support hover states) won’t show it.

        Now, if the images were also tagged with ‘title’ attributes, THEN it would show on current browsers (again, excluding mobile devices).

    • thenotsofunnyone

      If you’re here everyday you know this must be one of the Olsen sisters.

    • Lisa

      just right-click and click on View Image Info.

    • TomFrank

      See where it says “Said Georgio on: The Crap We Missed – Thursday 11.17.11″? If you click on the link, it shows you the original post and who this is.

    • Drew

      Or you know, the part where it says:

      Posted Under: Lauren Pope


  5. nat

    shes from the UK from a reality tv show

  6. Lisa

    Know what the beauty is of this dress from a woman’s perspective? No underwear = less laundry + more comfortable night. Hell ya!

    • Drew

      Who wears stuff like this, displaying a lack of underwear for the entire world to see and calling it “comfortable”?

      Right, glamor models and club sluts.

  7. Duck face, right there.

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