1. Holy crap, it DOES look like him.

  2. Satan's bitch

    I think this pic belongs on the Men Who Look Like Lesbians blog.

  3. D-chi


  4. mancuso

    He’s got, like, a second face… behind his face.

  5. Dr Ha-Ha

    Looks like you’d need a crowbar to interrupt this ‘smile’.

  6. Hair Pie

    There’s something fake looking about his hair. He’s had dykey hair for over a decade (hello, nice dye job BTW) but I never realized how it looks like some sort of weird strandy weave up close.

  7. Pip pip cheery-o

    He’s QUAGMIRE!!!!!!!
    No shit, really!!

  8. Choyce2020

    Hello…he’s wearing an outdated ugly wig & has had too much Juvederm injected into his face…now he looks like a real chubbo.

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