1. Hugh Gentry


    • karlito

      can you believe it? this used to be the “Genie in a bottle” girl. looks like a drag queen trying to look like friggin sad. she’s not even 30 and it’s pretty much over. she’s gotta lose weight, throw out 90% of her makeup, get rid of all her extensions and get back to work. in 10 years she went from HOT to NOT.

  2. pixelatio


  3. shes got poop in her cheeks for the winter.

  4. She has more than enough money for a personal trainer 24/7,she can have healthy meals deleivered to her,and lets not forget liposuction etc etc..I dont understand why she has just let herself get to this point o.0

  5. BAHAH

    She changed her occupation – from singer to clown.

  6. arnieblackblack

    Great tits. Horrendous chin action. Act-chin even?

  7. Maybe after years of having to be skinny and fit she just wants to eat cake and cruise on her talent for a little while

  8. Diggy

    Is it me or is Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife lookin good… mmm mmm

  9. riptide

    Remember the Dirrty and Candyman videos? Let’s hope Beyonce has more pride than to let herself go like this after the baby.

  10. PinkyT

    Seriously, did she put tanning spray in her HAIR?

  11. Bigalkie

    Diggy and Slippinx12.. Funny!

  12. What the fuck happened to her? That’s what happens when you crap out kids before you’re 30 years old. It’s all downhill from there.

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