1. Salvatore

    Whats she famous for..? Oh right! Used to make movies; now shes just famous for her drug and law problems. What a waste.

  2. omg i think lindsays making that face because she just smelt my delicious poop.

  3. Tyler

    She’s disgusting.

  4. Alleon

    She’s eventualyy having the drug impact on her image and mind.

  5. Guy Rossi

    Mickey Rourke is kinda hot

  6. Crankybitch

    She’s such a waste. I should have the housekeeper use her as a mop.

  7. Buddy the Elf


  8. imabrat

    What a grotesque individual.

  9. puzzled

    She as adorable as a child . . . and then . . . Hoolyweird.
    So sad. Only the strong survive.

  10. arnieblackblack

    I’d hit it…PS Can you stop blogging on this picture as it disturbs my masturbation. Wanks very much

  11. That is fucking nasty, what a waste

  12. john_thomas

    Afew years back she was really hot; now…not so much.

  13. Nug

    Playboy’s photoshopper is gonna be real busy.

  14. Bigalkie

    Lindsay Lohan replaces Eric Stoltz in Mask II

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