1. There’s nothing cooler than wearing high heels in the sand.

  2. Khloe_is_a_sasquatch

    Is this Pamela Lee in 15 years??

  3. I love the smell of my own poopie doopie. It smells absolutely devine. They should make it into an air freshener!

  4. BAHAH

    I’ve never seen a bathing suit top so padded/stuffed/pushed up in my whole fucking life, she’s ridiculous. Yeah her boobs are real, doctors just fail to mention, “Oh, by the way, she stuffs!”

  5. Matt

    This creature looks like she needs a shower, scrubbing with warm water and plenty of soap. She’s so filthy.

  6. Look at her upper arm, that’s not right. How can your wrist be as big as your biceps, yet you still have a giant rack? Eating disorders are a hell of a thing

  7. MayDay

    Who wears arm bands anymore?!

  8. She´s carrying ALOT of padding and wire in that bikini top!!

  9. Lisa

    Why haven’t her parents thrown in jail for allowing this embarrassment? This girl is such a shell of a person. Shame on her parents for giving up on her and shame on that old guy (re: husband) for taking advantage of her blind eagerness to be famous.

  10. lida

    her bathing suit is the victoria’s secret bombshell bikini…its selling point is that it raises you two cup sizes. looks absolutely stupid on this useless cocksack. go choke on a dick, princess

    • dotmatrix

      You’re right. You can really see it in action in this pic, her little sandbags are really being forced into position.

  11. I though the whole point in trying to legitimize your child-molesting cravings by marrying a child-bride was to have a bride who looks like a child. How does Skankie McLeatherglobes come into that equation?

  12. 454-Castel Holly

    Wearing those high heels in the sand? I don’t really think so, it’s quite rare to wear that in the beach, pretty bad walking traction.

  13. Lisa

    Is she talking to her boob? Coaxing it to puff up more or something?

  14. Tromba

    Either of these are good bets in a death pool.

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