1. Fondue

    Remember when that scene from ‘The Gift’ was the hottest thing on the internet? Yeah … good times …

  2. SIN

    No clue what thate lame comment that won was about.

  3. Hugh Gentry

    sad pancake boobies : (

    • woodhorse

      All along we have blamed Tom Cruise’s love of the cock for his gayness but those “fun bags” would turn any man gay.

  4. Hugh Gentry

    Tom was chugging on cock and balls long before her boobies went south.

    • woodhorse

      You are probably right Mr. Gentry, but do we really know what Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman’s tits look like? Maybe they used to be round and his vast sucking appetite deflated them.

  5. Steelerchick

    “Udderly” horrible!!

  6. i dont get it :(

  7. Drundel

    Flapjack tits. Google it.

    @John Wayne, well played.

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