1. nancy grace's nipple

    lol, good one

  2. AnnaDraconida

    She looks incredibly old & worn-out.

  3. licialicia

    The thing that LL has wrong with her is that just tries SOOOOOOOO HARD ALL THE TIME. So sad to see such a young girl just have to hit balls to the wall on EVERYTHING in life! It’s like fiona apple once said in a song, “full is not as heavy as empty” this bitch is EMPTY.

  4. welldoneson

    Makeup by George Romero.

  5. Carolyn

    Can smell that all the way to here.

  6. imabrat

    Poor Lohan; she can’t act, she can’t sing, she can’t design and she is just not model material, she’s so stiff, graceless and unnatural. The girl doesn’t even seem to be able to put an outfit together. I’m sick of seeing her.

  7. mimi

    Such hard work, for a coke head oh lets not forget boozer too..

  8. Mike701

    See mom, you can’t even see the needle marks.

  9. duder

    The guy(s) missed the dirty sanchez by a bit and went all upside her cheek.

  10. NG

    Haters gonna hate. Keep strong Lilo.

  11. Darr247

    Her stripper heels look about 2 full sizes too big for her.

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