1. Amber

    LMFAO! That looks like exactly what she’s thinking!

  2. Blech

    Made my day!

  3. eatme

    from has-been playboy bunnies to has-been ex-presidents, they all use ghost writers, so no-one named Kendra Wilkinson wrote much of anything other than notes on cocktail napkins

  4. lily

    god she is annoying and was never playboy material. her face is average and her body looks like an athletic 14 year old boys with giant fake balloons attached to the chest. who would ever pay for/read an entire book about this no talent.

  5. V

    I can’t stand her laughter and smile. it’s like she can only open her mouth and go HAHAHAHA but no actual smile happens. she annoys me.

  6. fanny n freddie

    Please tell me this photo was staged…if not, I hope the person driven to not only purchase, but go to the trouble of having that prostitute scribble on it was sterilized before leaving the premises

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