1. lol

    i don’t get this picture…like why it exists

  2. telesputnik

    ooh. jamie lee is a hipster.

  3. cutthecrap

    “no, seriously, I just dropped a duece. That Acitivia is the shit!”

  4. azgirlgoneast

    most pretentious, yuppie, hypochondriacal device–after i saw this headset on gwyneth paltrow’s “can’t live without” list i immediately hated it. are people really becoming this pansy???

    • azgirlgoneast

      handset rather*, i was typing so fast i blundered!

    • fanny n freddie

      Damn…so that is a ‘real’ picture? I thought it was a still from a scene from sesame street or something…
      So yeah, if that is a real headset – well let’s just go ahead an make a pact that whenever we see this symbol of follywood’s hubris we will promptly snatch the headset and commence pistol-whipping the shit out of the RB

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