1. Douche

    Is it bad that I am mildly turned on by this picture?

  2. Melania

    Oh how wonderful…America really does have it all.A country so hyped up and proud of all that freedom that they all go on about,that they have special contests especially for pedophiles.Yeah,it must be wonderful,although I think I´ll stick with sunny spain where kids are actually encouraged to be kids.Wait!,I can think of a contest!..lets line the mothers of these little girls up,and see how many times one can kick them in the ovaries,before they are no longer able to reproduce..which is also the GRAND PRIZE!! :D

    • Urbanspaceman

      You are 100% correct, Melania. American’s go on ad nauseum about “freedom” but when you really get down to it, the only freedom they really have is that parents are free to abuse their children in many so many non-punishable ways. This crime should be punished.

    • whatthehuh?

      do we have to kick them? cant we stone them or hit them with lead pipes or something? i think i would get tired after awhile kicking so many people but i can throw shit all day, lmao

  3. duder

    I’d hit that.

  4. Zombie Kitty

    I see Suri found Tom’s weekend clothes again?

  5. francesca

    woah…is this little girl dressed up like julia roberts as a hooker in pretty woman?

  6. Rae

    Throw the mom in jail for making her daughter a sex object for pedophiles. Endangerment, anyone? Wtf is the uperficial doing reposting these pics here? This girl has got ten years before she can even qualify for a girls gone wild tape, have mercy! and yeah, it is wrong to even joke about being turned on, not funny. Tara Reid stumbling drunk, morbidly hilarious, five year olds dressed in hooker outfits, just morbid.

  7. Ben Dover

    Is this George Clooney’s new girlfriend?

  8. jdjones

    What is wrong with these people??

  9. Cardinal Fang

    Looks like a doll. I mean a fake plastic toy.

    • J.R.

      That’s really what I thought it was. Had to look twice to make sure. There are definitely some sick people out there.

  10. Nancy_FG

    Who is she????

  11. Nancy_FG

    OMG,,, bad!!!… I had not understood, dressed up like julia roberts in pretty woman…. :O:O:O:O

  12. Some has to create the future stippers/prostitutes of America.

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