1. Bonky

    May this not be the first side boob you ever see.

  2. Zombie Kitty

    Madonna’s new piss elixir: “Get that Skeletor look for summer!”

  3. StayPuft Overlord

    I won’t be happy until i can touch my spine when I grip my side…….almost there woot!

  4. jenn

    she has two thick scars on her inner thigh.

    • kate

      She has some around her hip as well. I think they’re well healed stretch marks.

    • Jack Ketch

      And lots of stretch marks from weight loss … gah …

      • lili

        You don’t get stretch marks from weight loss. You get it from weight gain, usually at puberty or during pregnancy. At least she didn’t fake tan them away.

        The inner-thigh marks might not be stretch marks but they might not be cutting either. She might have gotten them falling off a bike. Jesus, people. Girl loses the baby fat and suddenly you are all, “SKELETOR!”

      • xo

        you get them from both rapid weight loss and gain. granted she doesn’t looked that fucked up here because she kind of has an ass and all, but what ever is going on there is not healthy and it damn well doesn’t look good. so yeah, skeletor all up in this bitch.

      • jenn

        you don’t loose baby fat in your 30s, you loose plain old fat and she lost all of hers. she’s skin and bones; pretty much the definition of SKELETOR!!!

    • carrie

      those are stretch marks on her hip, but the inner thigh are cutting scars FOR SURE. there is no question. it turns out that self-mutilation by starvation and razor blade go hand in hand.

  5. AnnaDraconida

    Bear Grylls’ refreshment of choice.

  6. You are all full of shit. She is perfectly healthy.

  7. Jamie

    Girl, you so fierce! Cuz nothing says SEXY like those stretch marks and cutting scars.

  8. MrI0wn

    That ass doesn’t look anorexic at all

  9. shroom

    Looks great to me…Love a roll with her.

  10. licialicia

    . It really sucks that people like her just *cant* see how horribly unhealthy they look. She was perfect before she got with the douchebag husband of hers and now she’s all Hollywood and anorexic. Blah.

  11. Ugh

    All of you are degenerates. She looks great for her frame size. There are skinnier celebs than her, go harass them.

  12. Alianne3

    Why are her boobs so far part? She is like a boob flounder

  13. Pokemon Mon

    She is totally a healthy weight. What is everyone so freaked out about? She just has a lanky frame.

  14. Buddy the Elf

    Fairly decent side boob, for a skeletor silicone fake tit I mean.

  15. Steelerchick

    She’s a fat girl in a skinny body!!

  16. Ann

    god, she’s a homely girl. though she is working hard to not seem like it . . .

  17. geee

    I’m surprised her body hasn’t absorbed those implants for nutrients.

  18. KJ

    Her implants look lumpy, kind of like a cheese grater or something.

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