1. Chemist

    When did the Biebs start turning into Billie Jean King?

  2. Fester

    I thought Bieber was supposed to be the Maple Jesus, not the Maple Moses. How are people supposed to keep their superstition scorecards straight?

  3. edamame

    That snake does come in a size other than “pre-pubescent”, Biebs. You should’ve look into it…this one does nothing for your machismo.

  4. xo

    i’m sorry but that kid looks like a woman.

  5. dali

    I really hope he ODs already. This kid makes me sick.

  6. becca

    im in lesbians with you

  7. Sweenis McFrecklenut

    I would do him in the butt soo hard

  8. Such a cute little lesbian.

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