1. gigi

    she does’t hold a candle to Pam Anderson. Or Farrah when she did the famous red swimsuit photo.

    • BaccusVD

      No but she can hold a candle then masturbate with it to entertain her 50 yr old husband and his friends at coke fueled parties. But whos counting.

      Also shes not FUCKING 16 shes 27.

    • Boere.Mafia

      Jip, OG baywatch wannabe.

      • Wheredabs

        It is disgusting and well even more disturbing… Bet she will be in porn pretty soon because she always makes that “o” friggin face…

  2. elleinad

    16 year olds shouldn’t have fake boobs.

  3. zomgbie

    wait- shes sixteen what?
    sixteen gangbangs?

  4. Wheredabs

    She looks like she is atleast 30 something… And well just argh! and fugly too

  5. Guy Smiley

    ewww. this bitch look 47 at the youngest, not 17. what a joke

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