1. Amber

    She looks so mad…all the time.

  2. suck it


  3. gigi

    you can take the girl out of east africa but you can’t take east africa out of the girl…. bitchy & entitled no matter what… and this one is gorgeous, has buckets of money & celebrity status to play with & possible identity issues? whew! gotta strap in, especially the tween years coming up & adolescence! yeah, this is gonna be trouble…

  4. Sunny Fields

    She never smiles. Not even when she’s seen playing with her siblings. So sad.

  5. poodlehopper

    All children get cranky. Especially when the papparazi are in your face. How can Brad not be the “real dad”? Poor taste on Thesuperficial site. It take a real dad to be there. So many biological dads are not in children’s lives. We adopted our children and have been the “real parents” every since.

  6. drofdarb

    get me to london, I wants a free plasma screen..

  7. NYC I Banker

    They think it is ALL CUTE having all these multi-racial kids that they treat like DOLLS. But these kids gonna grow up and become ADULTS pretty soon … and then the fun will be gone – as well as the marriage …

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