1. Jon

    Miley Cyrus got a new haircut?

  2. Ivan

    It looks like they’ve adopted him! LMAO

  3. Hugh Gentry

    what’s on her chin?? Proactive?…..

  4. Mickey B

    I knew Emma Watson was still hot with that short haircut.

  5. mark

    Biebs, just go look up Leif Garrett’s mugshot. Your future ain’t gonna be pretty.

  6. jacko

    this was hilarious

  7. michael


  8. nickyminajsstinkyasss

    Dear Terrorists,

    PLEASE bomb these lames

    Thank You.

  9. Fuckjudger

    Perry is going sooo bald. Get some hair already.

  10. Evil Genius

    Is it just me or does Russel always look like he has a mouth full of jizz he needs to spit? Is he seeing Spencer on the side?

  11. Captain Slappy

    Christ. 2 of those 3 clones have longcat lazer eyes staring into my soul. Quick….someone tell the CDC in Atlanta that they lost their experimental hoot owls…

  12. tom

    What a creepy pic…

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