1. Blumpkin

    A body only a black man could love .

  2. nbdy

    TMIPOTI has a mean streak this week. Almost all the jokes can be boiled down to fat, ugly, hairy, horsey, loose and black.

    And rapey, but Dottie and Cosby deserve that 110%.

  3. Jeeeee-zus!

    Why do I feel, that late night comedy shows, troll the internet for free jokes on their show?

  4. Assbestos

    “I just picked up these distressed jean shorts from Donna Karen’s ‘Delusional’ collection”.

  5. brian

    Loving all that ass hanging out!

  6. Gern Blanstan

    I’ll go on record to say that I think she is rather attractive. It is just when compared with her sisters, and their store-bought features, that she looks bad.

    …and I kinda like the “walking the stroll” look.

  7. Is this the vomit that landed on Lady GaGa?

  8. guest

    I can’t believe she would go out of the house looking like that. She looks trashy, low-class, and a $5 hooker.

  9. guest

    Khloe is who I am referring to in my upper post.

  10. I’ve seen better looking $5 hookers.

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