1. Well, that’s one benefit of having gay kids.

  2. malaka

    you dont think that sometimes mom turns em gay?

    • I think there is some credence to that theory.

      • Grumbles

        Given that most people probably choose to be gay the same time they choose what language they speak, I’d say there is a lot of credence to that theory

      • Sulianto

        Except that people don’t really choose their sexual preference. But this is The Superficial, not “The Lancet Medical Journal”, so I will let this pass.

      • Edie

        In theory there are some biological factors that have to do with how many other sons have been born to the mother. But I guess it’s like saying the maternal grandfather makes them bald, which is true for a certain use of language.

  3. Fancy Face

    The bigger question is, why are the two boys doing their best Edward Cullen impression? IS SHE THEIR BELLA?

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