1. Cock Dr

    God help me…it did make me laugh.

  2. Doctor_Joystick

    Fuckin’ fuck I think these are funny.

  3. coljack

    The “dis how chicken [verb]” joke was really funny and original the first time, was already stale by the second time, totally played now. Find a new angle.

  4. Can someone please explain this joke to me? I didn’t get it the first, second or now third week it has been posted. What’s the fucking joke?

    • Sorry, but I have to second that request. Somebody asked for bok clarification in the 2nd or 3rd bok iteration, and was directed to the original bok joke, which didn’t really help me. At first I thought it had to do with her getting “pounded like a chicken cutlet” but that doesn’t fit the egg joke. I feel so left out. I’m going to go pout in a corner and pretend that I never wanted to hang out with the cool kids anyway. :-(

  5. Snack pack

    I don’t know how else to say this, but I think you are trying too hard.

    This is not a deep-humor joke. It started with an image of a guy helping her with her car. The caption was about him explaining what was needed to fix her car, to which she replied “Dis how chicken look.” In that picture, she had her head cocked forward and her lips pursed, so you could see her saying that. And you could believe that she is dumb enough to not listen to the guy at all, and that the only thing going through her head at the time was perfecting her chicken impression.

    Perhaps that is just an explanation of why I think these are so funny, but it works for me.

  6. Suck it

    Finally, an explanation to the “dis how chicken look” joke.

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