1. mark

    Wow, she’s so shocking! I can’t believe it! (rolls eyes) #moron

  2. Odbarc

    Miley faces the wrong way.

  3. The sad thing about this picture is, if you didn’t know who it was, it could possibly be a turn on depending on your tastes in women and not chipmunks.

  4. We’re sure that’s not Ellen?

  5. dennis

    Miley shouts to the desert, “There is nothing spectacular for me to view.”

    The desert answers, “Isn’t that just the pot calling the kettle black?”

  6. Prince Phillip Anon Harris

    keep playing miley. baby got back :-/

  7. Short Round

    The desert looks into the Miley. There is nothing staring back at it. At that moment the desert finds its character and that is what keeps it out of the Miley.

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