1. mark

    yikes! mike’s pits must be rank!

    • Regan MacNeil

      Hey Don. I’ve seen where others have asked your advice and I would like your opinion myself. So here goes. Suppose I have a friend that tips the scales at a cuddly 650 lbs. She makes a very decent living sitting on and tickling\wrestling mostly men and some women. All this is done completely clothed on her part. Do you consider this sex and would most men secretly find this erotic? Thanks for your input!

      • Yeah Don. Let hear it. I’d like to see where this goes.

      • It’s not technically sex, in that there’s no penetration/insertion on her part, but she is providing a service that may provide a sexual release for her customers.

        The spectrum of human sexuality is so wide that people can get turned on by all kinds of things. I can’t judge them for it. If having heavy women smother you floats your boat, go for it. As long as both participants consent to the acts performed, it’s all good.

  2. hmm. niith eawobe.

  3. yuss eay looks nice an jussy…I betit tasse nice…

  4. Fucking love this ha!

  5. I WIN I WIN.


    bababooey to y’all.

  6. Not Mike Tyson

    Mike Tyson, attempting a comeback at the age of 47, KO’d in the first round in this junior peewee amateur boxing matchup.

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