1. donkeylicks

    Not what they had in mind when you said lets see some Hotlips?

  2. mike

    Random, but nice!

  3. I’m sorry, maybe its just because I’m a woman; I just don’t know. This photo is revolting to me. Guys, I’m sure you feel otherwise but I don’t see a whole lot of posts regarding picture. It’s not just the ass and the icky green thong cleaving it in twain (sorry yuck), the lipstick is garish. Just garish. Add the gross pink ball – eeewww! And she is lying on, basically, dead grass. Don’t they water wherever this photo was taken??? OK – Here you have her – Ms. Garish, Trashy Wherever the Hell She Is – supporting international soccer with a really big, thick thong cleaving her ass. Lovely. That, and she looks a little greasy.

    • DAvid_TheMan

      Don’t try to understand.
      Its a gay thing.

    • buzz

      Women are as awful in their judging women as they are in judging men.

      There’s a reason why Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson was every woman’s fantasy couple only a few years back. And don’t they that they weren’t because it’s pure bullshit. You talk about Robert’s skinny ass, Kirsten boy like figure or Taylor’s caveman brow and there’d be a dozen women ready to cut someone.

  4. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Have you ever traveled to Spain, Mexico or South America?

    I’m guessing the answer is no … because what we consider “garish” color selections are haute couture there.

    The amount of ass this delicate flower is displaying would be demure by Rio beach standards.

    I’m guessing the dead grass has something to do with the drought on SoCal.

    Greasy? Can we expect you to denounce Brad Pitt or numerous other male celebrities who have chosen “greasy” for so much of their work?

    Oh … and DAvid_TheMan is apparently outing himself in his response.

  5. asd

    what’s the name of this woman?

  6. The Dude

    Brilliant comment! Too funny.

  7. This one is still making me laugh. I think it’s because I can actually visualise the choppers coming in over those hills every time I read it.

  8. cc

    Good catch on the background. It is a dead ringer, isn’t it?
    What the fuck ever happened to radar anyway?

  9. Jack Ketch

    More pleasing to look at than the ass implants, that’s for sure.

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