1. corky romano

    Margaret Thatcher’s younger sister?

  2. malaka

    starting to look like one of those grandparents with no discernible gender. probably should have taken some style pointers from ringo and kept the facial hair and sunglasses on.


    hes got very small hands.

  4. Ped

    “This is the amount of fucks I give!”

  5. MarketingMike

    and that’s Sir Paul to you….

  6. Pizzicat

    Angela Merkel!

  7. This is my Oma’s doppelganger to a T. Who is this woman?

  8. juanhunglow

    bruce jenner?

  9. mk-ultra nazi kloned satanist pedoshit, put that 666 up yo luciferian aaaass and go die.

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