1. Cock Dr

    Dumb bitch: thanks for doing your part to compromise our herd immunity and instill fear & doubt RE: greatest medical advance of past millennium.

    • Urbanspaceman

      She’s not dumb. She’s smarter than you and she’s smarter than me. Like the Kardashians she’s living the American Dream as it’s defined in the 21st century. She contributes nothing to society, people worship her and believe everything she says and the money keeps rolling in.

      • Dox

        Intelligence is not defined by material success. The mere fact that she is willing to compromise countless lives, and allow pestilence and disease to rampage through entire populations based solely on junk science firmly places her in the “stupid twit” category.

  2. sloppy redneck

    Hello, I’m a dumb sloppy whore .. How can I help you ?

  3. Why anybody would listen to this woman about anything concerning medicine is beyond me.

  4. “Hello? Huh? Your child died of whooping cough? No, I’m not laughing!”

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