1. Lemmiwinks

    ”HEY! You with the elephant penis neck!’

    Man, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve yelled that…

  2. Cock Dr

    McFeely has no mercy for the old, sick or those celebs less than 100% fabulously attractive.

    • TomFrank

      McFeely has no mercy


      • Cock Dr

        McFeely has no mercy on this site.
        Of course we don’t actually know he/she.
        They may be a little old lady who volunteers once a week at the local animal shelter, cradling orphaned puppies to their bosom.

    • Nope, when we’re talking about people who earn millions of dollars to be “pretty”, they don’t get a pass when they look like shit. They’re not curing cancer…they’re celebrities. Being a punching bag for our abuse is what they’re paid for.

  3. Nug

    Having a hard time deciding which leather bag is more attractive.

  4. Loulou

    Elephant penis neck? That’s real nasty… She’s like 70 yrs old, you jerks! Of course she’s gonna be wrinkly!

  5. Dammit, McFeely. I was trying to eat cereal over here; so much for a second bowl.

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