1. Lemmiwinks

    Ah yes, the infamous Tonka Shock Syndrome.

  2. bewbs

    congratulations to amy winehouse for being 6 days sober!

  3. FrankNBlunt

    Weekend with Amy. Now she will never have to go to rehab.
    Alas, RIP dear

  4. DOA

    She’s dead on arrival.

  5. Cowpat

    As inappropriate as my sense of humour is, and as much as I like reading, and laughing, at this site…. this picture, with these comments, at this time will never be right and couldn’t be more offensive to my brain!! Shame on you.

    • Nina

      Please remove this post/photo, as it is disrespectful and offensive. I’ve read The Superficial for several years, have *never* commented before, and enjoy this site most of the time — But this makes me feel ashamed to be one of your readers. What entertainment value does this provide? While you would not be the first blogger to unabashedly mock the dead, there’s no reward in joining their low rank. Again, PLEASE take this down. Thanks, Nina.

      • welldoneson

        she’s built like a crack whore, fergawdsake.

        why should we respect her more than she respected us?

  6. Clarice Starling

    RIP Amy :(

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